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A Solo circumnavigation of the Southern Hemisphere on the Rowboat “AKROS”

2018 year
13 Dec

A Week in the Ocean

Today marks exactly a week since I set out on a solo journey to Cape Horn on the rowboat “AKROS”.  I have travelled 500 km, and I am only 270 km closer to my destination. Half of the distance covered has been in vain, but that’s how the weather worked out. An Easterly wind (headwind) […]

12 Dec

A Birthday at High Seas

Today, 12 December, marks Fedor Konyukhov’s 67th birthday, which he will be celebrating on board his rowboat “AKROS” in the Southern Ocean’s Roaring Forties. The weather is less than ideal; there is a headwind, and Fedor struggles to maintain the boat’s 180° course (due south). Moving east right now is impossible. The ocean will continue […]

10 Dec

Headwind Until the End of the Week

Visitors to the website will have noticed the wavelike course plotted by the rowboat “AKROS”.  This is due to the wind direction in the boat’s navigation zone.  Oceanic rowboat journeys rely on favourable currents and winds, and Fedor Konyukhov has so far been unable to reach a favourable current, as New Zealand acts as a […]

08 Dec

Two nights in the ocean, more than 100 km covered

So far Fedor is coping reasonably well with the task of moving away from the coast of New Zealand. The conditions are difficult: changeable winds, sometimes head on and large ocean swell. Boat rises up to 5 meters on wave-crests and then lowers into the troughs. It is hard to row in such conditions. Regular […]

06 Dec

Fedor Konyukhov began his journey!

On December 6, at 8:08 pm New Zealand time, Fedor Konyukhov crossed the starting line, and set off on a solo voyage on his rowing boat “AKROS” from New Zealand (South Island, Port Chalmers) to Cape Horn. The distance is 5 500 nautical miles. Ahead of Fedor Konyukhov is the huge Southern Ocean with its […]

03 Dec

The start is scheduled for December 5

The month of November has flown by, and summer has arrived in New Zealand. The weather gradually begins to change, although here, at 45 degrees south latitude, the cold breath of Antarctica is still felt. I had a plan to launch the boat into the ocean in the middle of November, but everything went according […]

19 Nov

Second week in New Zealand. Waiting for the right weather

The second week of preparation of the “AKROS” rowing boat has been completed in Port Chalmers, New Zealand.  Simon Chalk, a famous British rower and our manager during the Pacific Ocean rowboat crossing project in 2013-2014, has joined us during this week.  Simon could not remain home and stay away from such an event.  It […]

14 Nov

A week in Port Chalmers, New Zealand

A week has passed since our team arrived in Port Chalmers in New Zealand. A lot of good things have happened during this week. At the beginning of last week we received our boat “AKROS” safe and sound.  This is a very important milestone for the project, as the boat travelled by a container ship […]

08 Nov

Flying to New Zealand with Emirates

Any big journey starts with a flight to the starting point. My crossover on the rowing boat “AKROS” will start from the coast of New Zealand. Back in September we sent our rowing boat to New Zealand onboard container ship, in the beginning of November it arrives to the port of Dunedin and we are […]

02 Nov

Fedor Konyukhov’s TASS press conference

Moscow, 30 October 2018.  Fedor Konyukhov held a press conference at the TASS press-centre, dedicated to the upcoming circumnavigation of the globe on the rowboat “Akros”.  A few Russian companies that developed a number of innovative systems to ensure energy efficiency and travel safety became partners of the world expedition; some equipment will be tested […]

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