Fedor Konyukhov has crossed the finish line

09 May 2019


Ocean Rowing Society: “18:00UTC on May 09, 2019, being within vicinity of land, Fedor crossed the finish line of Diego Ramirez Longitude 68.68W, and with this has officially completed his row across the South Pacific Ocean from west to east. 154 days 13 hours 13 minutes”

Fedor Konyukhov’s expeditionary support team aboard the “Australis” yacht managed to take the rowboat “Akros” in tow.

Oscar Konyukhov reports: “We lowered an inflatable boat and rafted it to Fedor on a rope, took him aboard the inflatable boat and pulled it back to the “Australis.”  Fedor is now safely on board the yacht.  The rowboat “Akros” is being towed behind our stern on a 100-metre tow line.  It was a difficult operation, but we managed to perform it all right.  The weather conditions are very difficult, with a headwind of 45 knots.”

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