Прогноз погоды от метеоролога Ли Брюса.

08 февраля 2009

Over the coming week, a strong low is forecast to wander eastward between 58S-62S.

This will create a band of sustained 40+kt wind.  For example, by 09/00Z, the 40+kt wind field should stretch from 53S to 60S and from 109W  to 90W.

Total wave heights in that pattern: 11m, occasional 14m.

The long-term outlook suggests that you can make CH even from the berg WP of 53S 90W.

This forecast assumes a course toward the WP, then a rhumb line to CH:

07/00Z: WNW/20-25kt

07/06: NNW 30-35 gust 40

07/12: NW 30-35 gust 40

08/00: WNW 30-35 gust 40

08/12: W to WNW 25-30

08/18: WNW 30-35 gust 40

09/00: WNW 35-40 gust 50

09/12: WNW 40-45 gust 55 (assumes position near 54S 86W-85W; same wind is present at 53-56S, so not many options to avoid)

10/00: W 40-45 gust 55

10/12: WSW 35-40 gust 50 (waves may limit southing)

The strong wind dies off by 11/00Z, and the pattern becomes more conducive for getting south to clear CH.

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