Прогноз погоды

01 февраля 2009

I looked at trying to work you more toward Cape Horn, but there is a strong gale (50kt) on that route in the outlook for the 4th, so it@@apos@@s better to stay north.

And although it is no guarantee, staying north should at least reduce the ice risk.
So I assumed a mostly easterly heading in a corridor of 50S to 51S through about 100W.
From there, we should start the process of getting to the Horn.

01/00Z: W 20-25kt (assumes port tack)

01/12: WNW 20-25

01/18: NW/NNW 20-25, bldg to 30-35 gust 40

02/00: NW 30-35 gust 40

02/06: WNW 25-30 gust 35 (wave total 4.5-6m; WSW swell plus wind waves)

02/12: W 20-25 bcmg WSW 20-25

03/00: W 20-25 bcmg WNW 20-25

03/06: NW 20 bcmg WNW to W 30 thru 04/12Z (waves WSW swell plus wind waves, for total of 6-7m, ocnl 8m; bigger to the south of 51S)


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