The Idea

196 lots, 6-10 in one section

The project initiators are united by an important purpose: the creation of a unique and comfortable environment for living and socialising of the like-minded people: travellers, writers, artists, all those who are tired of the ‘concrete jungle’ and are appreciative of active outdoor lifestyle and wildlife.

The village will be the venue for conferences, tourist and geographic societies meetings, excursions, and pilgrimages from around the world.  This is a territory for recreation and inspiration of people who know how to value life.  The village will be a place of residence of Fedor Konyukhov himself, his friends, like-minded people and simultaneously the museum of the great adventurer.  The findings of his wanderings, valuable items and books will be accessible for all residents of the village.

70 hectares of land of extraordinary beauty feature meadows and recreational ponds for rest and fishing are divided by forest gulleys.  When Fedor Konyukhov saw the field, his first reaction was: “I want to live here!”


70hectares of land

The village is located on the glades of various sizes, surrounded by a large forest.  Deep gulleys divide those glades, creating dramatic gradients in the landscape, which will be used for installation of rope routes of various category of difficulty for the kids’ camp.

The main street of the Village  – the Travellers’ Street, going in an arc, unites all sections of the settlement being the main and the longest street in the village.  Perpendicular streets will be named after great travellers and explorers.  The memorial plaques located at the beginning of each street will describe the history of discoveries and journeys made by these heroes, and the sculptural compositions will show scenes from historical events.

To Master Plan
Virgin forest, secluded forest clearings, beaver ponds, fish lakes
Stretching roads, natural gulleys for suspended bridges, broad spaces for structures.
In unity with nature
In Spring there are flowers and berries, in Summer – quad bikes and hiking, in Autumn there are mushrooms and photo taking sessions, in Winter – skiing and snowmobiles. Throughout the year there is immersion in the natural beauty.

Residential Houses

Residential and auxiliary structures on private blocks of land will be in agreement with the general architectural style of the village.

Private houses will also be prototypes of a museum character.

For example, some buildings may be completed in an architectural style of a certain century and of a certain country, which corresponds to the origins of the hero-explorer in whose name the street or a section in the village is called.  Here is a Russian traditional hut or a Cossack hut, a villa in the Scandinavian and Mediterranean styles.  Comfortable dwellings of Central and South-East Asia, extreme North or Siberia, buildings in a pre-Columbus America style and dwellings of the Arab East, – all may have its place in the conceived village.

The idea of this project fits into the following formula: remember the past, live decently in the present and shape a good future.

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