Tourgoyak progress is covered by the Ocean Rowing Society International

30 December 2013

Last week the office of Fedor Konyukhov made an important agreement with the Ocean Rowing Society International based in London, UK. According to this agreement the ORSI’s specialists will follow Tourgoyak’s progress in the Pacific Ocean and post a detailed map of how many miles have been covered, the speed and course of the row boat, and the current and future weather reports in the region. The ORSI was established in 1983 by Peter Bird and Kenneth F. Crutchlow. In the book “Stop Drifting, Start Rowing: One Woman@@apos@@s Search for Happiness and Meaning Alone on the Pacific” Roz Savage describes the story behind the creation of the IORS: “It was founded by Kenneth Crutchlow who, although he has never rowed an ocean himself, has been involved in ocean rowing since the 1980s. He famously took a resupply of food to the late, great Peter Bird when he was running out of rations in mid-Pacific, thousands of miles from the nearest landfall. Kenneth chartered a catamaran and set out with a boat full of supplies to rendezvous with Peter. Thus was born the Ocean Rowing Society” (Savage, 56).

For the last thirty years the ORSI has been following every ocean crossing, successful as well as unsuccessful. This organization carries a great deal of information on every trans-oceanic course that has been attempted, abandoned or completed. It also holds history and stories about many oceanic rowers, their achievements, competitions, disappointments, and new challenges. The ORSI statistics on every conceivable ocean crossing can be found here.    

Fedor’s land team is grateful that the IORS will cover Tourgoyak’s transpacific crossing in such a detailed manner. Using the Yellow Brick buoys’ signals the ORSI will be able to calculate a daily distance that’s been covered, the distance that remains to Australia, and the distance that is left behind.  

To follow the map and the information provided by the ORSI go to

The Yellow Brick map continues to work as well:

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Translated by Tatiana Koreski


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