The boat passed south of Crozet Islands.

15 April 2008

At 10: 40 GMT Fedor reported that his position 48,26.21S , 52,19.11E which puts him south of Crozet Archipelago (FrenchTerritory).

Quote from Fedor: “The boat keep sailing along side 48 South. I hope the weather will be cooperative and my plan is to sail North of Kerguelen, leave it to starboard. I really would like to avoid going below 50 South as the cold there would be unbearable, it may shortens the distance but brings extreme conditions. Although I have not met any icebergs after Cape Horn, but would not surprise to learn that there are some ice drifting below 50 S and don’t need to take this gamble. With less then 3.000 miles to Albany I prefer not to risk as simply being in these waters gives a lot of hazards to sailing vessel and solo yachtsman. My task now is to complete ACRT and get to Albany under the sails.

The weather is unstable. Wind is raising and falling from 25 to 40 and back to 25 knots. Very hard to balance the boat. Plenty of exercise on deck. There is no power is the wind flow, the boat is not moving at speed it would normally sail. It looks like we are sailing against current, hope it is temporary. Best regards, Fedor 


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