Second Iceberg report.

28 February 2008

Fedor reported 2 large icebergs in position:

53,50.54S , 124,42.65W
Speed: 5 knots, Course: 91 deg.
UTC Time: 27. February| 2008 21:30
Quote from Fedor

“One iceberg was on my port side, another on starboard side. I sailed between them. The bergs are around 500 meters in size.  The wind is very light and we slowly passed them at 5 knots. Today is very good visibility and moderate swell so I can see for miles around the boat.

I am in complicated situation now – we need to sail South towards Cape Horn, but even on 53 South there are 3 bergs in 48 hours and every degree South will increase chances to see more bergs”.

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