Report from C-Core representative on massive iceberg in the middle of Antarctica Cup Race Track.

06 March 2008

“There are a lot of icebergs in this image more than I have ever seen before.  There is a massive berg (~42kmx12km) located at (53.84S, 34.65W) that may be the source of thousands of other smaller icebergs that are listed in the results.  The iceberg field spans hundreds of miles and avoiding individual icebergs as he has done in the past will be very dangerous.  I have attached a couple of pictures of the massive iceberg.  As a reference, the first image includes the South GeorgiaIsland, which has a length of approximately 180 km.  The large fissure in the middle of the iceberg, as seen in the image indicates that the iceberg may be unstable and may break up soon, which would mean even more ice pieces.  There was a lot of excitement in the office today when this image came up, mingled with fear for how Fedor would chart his course. 

We are able to confirm that the large iceberg that we noted in the March 1 image is called A-53A.  It is the most northerly of all the Southern icebergs. You can take a look at the confirmed locations of all the major icebergs in Google Earth using the link below.

Pradeep Bobby

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