PhosAgro to Support Fedor Konyukhov and Ivan Menyalo in attempt to set world records during hot balloon flight

23 March 2023

PhosAgro will act as the general partner for an upcoming record flight in AX-12 hot-air balloon – by the renowned traveller Fedor Konyukhov and Ivan Menyalo, President of the Russian Ballooning Federation, together they will challenge two world records at once:

  • the current distance record of 2,360 km, which was set in 1997 by the Japanese pilot Michio Kanda, flying over Australia;
  • the current flight duration record of 55 hours, which was set by Konyukhov and Menyalo in 2017.

Konyukhov and Menyalo expect to beat their own record by remaining in flight, without landing, for more than 60 hours, covering a distance of up to 2,500 km. They plan to fly at an altitude of up to 5 km, at an average speed of 40–50 km/h.

The PhosAgro-sponsored hot-air balloon, with an envelope volume of 12 thousand cubic metres that was made especially for this aeronautic challenge. Together with the basket, the balloon is 36 metres high, with a take-off weight of 5 tonnes.

The flight will begin on March 24 (depending on the weather conditions) in Kirovsk (Murmansk region), where PhosAgro’s mining and processing plant is located.

“I am grateful to PhosAgro for supporting our record-breaking attempt in AX-12 balloon. As our partner PhosAgro can attest, record-setting accomplishments are the result of teamwork, a sound strategy, the use of the latest technologies and best practices, and a responsible approach to available resources. We hope our flight inspires the younger generation and encourages them to strive to achieve something that no one has done before, to push the limits of human capabilities, to set big goals,” said Mr Konyukhov.

“PhosAgro is proud of its many years of collaboration with Fedor Konyukhov. His philosophy of constantly moving forward and striving for new heights and new victories, including improving on one’s own achievements and records, has resonated with our company since its inception.

“We greatly appreciate the fact that Fedor has been a true friend of PhosAgro’s Educated and Healthy Children of Russia (DROZD) project. We are grateful for the many times he has met with children taking part in the project and for the fact that the fearless new expedition that he and his team are undertaking is timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the DROZD project,” said PhosAgro CEO Mikhail Rybnikov.

In addition to the record-breaking flight – continuing the proud tradition of Russian aviation – exhibitions of Fedor’s paintings, meetings with the world-famous traveller and rides in a smaller version of the record-breaking balloon will be organised in March–April 2023 in the regions where PhosAgro operates, while the DROZD interregional sports and educational festival will be held in Cherepovets.

PhosAgro has been implementing the DROZD project in all its regions of operations since 2003. The project has 77 sections and includes 16 different sports, creative studios and continuing education classes. More than 7,200 children take part in the classes free of charge on an ongoing basis. In addition, around 50,000 young athletes participate in regular sporting events and festivals.

DROZD is aimed at combining in a harmonious way sports and wellness programmes with traditional schooling, developing continuing education and creativity, and promoting a healthy lifestyle, moral and patriotic education and intellectual development among children.

PhosAgro has always paid special attention to the implementation of social and charitable projects in the regions where it operates. In 2022, the Company increased its funding for these purposes by nearly 150%, to RUB 12.9 billion.

About the Company

PhosAgro ( is a vertically integrated Russian company and one of the world’s leading producers of mineral phosphorous fertilizers and of high-grade apatite concentrate grading 39% P2O5 and higher. PhosAgro’s fertilizers are highly effective, ensuring the improved quality of agricultural produce.

PhosAgro Group is the largest manufacturer of phosphate-based fertilisers in Europe (by total capacity of DAP/MAP/NP/NPK/NPS production), the largest producer of phosphite grading 39% P2O5 in the world and one of the leading global producers of ammonium and diammonium phosphate, one of Europe’s leading and the only producer in Russia of monocalcium phosphate feed (MCP), and the only producer in Russia of nepheline concentrate.

The company’s main products, including phosphite, 57 grades of fertilizer, phosphate feed, ammonium, and sodium tripolyphosphate, are used in around 100 countries on all inhabited continents. Our priority markets, besides Russia and the CIS, are Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

The company’s shares are listed on the Moscow Exchange and its Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs) are listed on the London Stock Exchange (MOEX and LSE ticker: PHOR).   

More information about PhosAgro PJSC can be found on our site:  



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