One month on the ocean

19 January 2014

Fedor reports: “A blazing sun, sweltering heat and nowhere to hide – this is the situation I’m in right now. It’s too stuffy in the cabin and it’s too hot on deck, although there is a slight breeze. There is no such thing as comfortable weather for an ocean rower. If it’s too cloudy then the solar panels don’t get enough light to charge the accumulators in return. If the sky is clear then the sunrays are too strong to tolerate, plus the air gets thick. Seeking refuge from the heat in my sleeping cabin proves to be difficult: during the day the cabin practically turns into an oven. Too strong of winds bring high waves, but if there is no wind the speed of the boat drops significantly. All in all, the ocean keeps me on my toes. The best time for rowing is at night. Everything is well on board, except for some minor issues but nothing too serious to affect my journey.  I’m thankful to God for allowing me to see this day, January 19, to perform the service of the Great Blessings of Water on Theophany, which commemorates the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist. It’s a rare event that an Orthodox priest happens to be in the waters of the South Pacific Ocean performing this Divine Liturgy. I’m with you. Fedor.” 

Since the beginning of the crossing, December 19th, 2013 Tourgoyak has covered close to 1700 miles. It’s safe to say that the average mileage far exceeds our best predictions. Tourgoyak’s progress is comparable to Fedor’s other ocean rowboat “URALAZ” which he rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in 2002. He left Canary’s island La Gomera heading to Barbados and spent 46 days to row the total of 2750 nautical miles. Once Fedor reaches 46th day on the Pacific Ocean we’ll make a detailed analysis of his current transoceanic crossing.  

For a map of Fedor’s transatlantic rowing in 2002 click here.

The map of the Tourgoyak’s course:

Translated by Tatiana Koreski

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