Fedor rounded Cape of Good Hope

07 April 2008

This night Open 85 “Trading Network Alye Parusa” crossed longitude of Cape of Good Hope, second time in navigation season (previous crossing was 16 of December 2007). The boat is sailing in powerful storm with gust up to 45 knots, heavy snow and up to 10 meters swell and waves.  Fedor is about to enter Indian Ocean (20East). He reports that it is unusual to sailing twice in the season in the Indian Ocean: normally Atlantic is a transition ocean for yachts sailing around the world from Europe and you have to cross twice this ocean, but since Antarctica Cup stars in Albany, WA, in the Indian Ocean – the boat has to navigate these waters 2 times. The difference is big, as coming back into Atlantic in April-May means you are sailing into the summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but traversing Indian Ocean at the same season – brings heavy weather of Austral Autumn.


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