Fedor Konyukhov set new world record in paramotors

08 June 2022

Fedor Konyukhov together with co-pilot Igo Potapkin undertook cross country flight in 2 seater paramotor. The project is called: «From White Sea to the Black Sea».

The idea to start from White Sea port Arkhangelsk (68 Lat North) and fly with stops due south towards Black sea port Novorossiysk.

The cross county flight started on 5 of June. Few days later weather pattern promised good downwind flight. White nights allow pilots to take off early morning.

4:15 in the morning on the 8 June Fedor Konyukhov and co-pilot Igor Potapkin took off from Vologda climbed to 1 km altitude and after 7 hours and 52 minutes landed south of Moscow, region called Ryazan (Miloslavskoe settlement). Pilots covered 631 km and set preliminary new world record in Distance in a straight line without landing. Subject to FAI ratification.

Current distance record 474 km belongs to Portuguese pilot Eduardo Lagoa. This record was set in February 2022 and still under review by FAI. Portugal pilots superseded record set by Polish pilot Krzysztof Romicki (POL) –   427 km set in October 2018.

Fedor and Igor are servicing they aircraft and will re-start cross country flight enroute south towards Black Sea.

Igor Potapkin one of the most experienced paramotor pilot in Russia. In 2020 he completed flight with stops from St-Petersburg to Vladivostok (from West to East across Russia covering 9 600 km).

Fedor Konyukhov set several ballooning world records, second person (after Steve Fossett) who completed solo non-stop round the world balloon flight in 2016. It took him 11 days 4 hours to cover 35 000 km. FAI Pilot of the Year 2016. Holds World Guinness record, FAI records and WSSRC (World sailing records).

More details at https://konyukhov.ru/en/biography/

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