Drama on board Alye Parusa..

23 January 2009

Why are they shooting, why are they shooting screamed Fedor at midnight last evening. I thought they were friends yelled Alex.  The crew were wakened and raced to the mess in anticipation of the worst. Alas it was only Fedor and Alex watching another “gangster movie” with there head phones on. So back to being on watch and to bed we stumbled relieved with our findings.

Life on board is interesting to say the least.  Thankfully we have a great bunch of guys. For sure it is some what frustrating with these light winds however we all may have read the [email protected]@[email protected]@s story about the Turtle and the Hare.

The meals have been fantastic with us all taking turns at creating culinary delights. Last night however the cook had the night off and so we tasted several different types of dry meat from New Zealand. As mentioned New Zealand has some of the finest foods and this was no exception. The nine of us shared four stubbies of warm beer that went down rather well with the meat.

Cookies are the order of the day, most of the day, and thankfully we stocked up well prior to leaving Auckland. Stocking a yacht with food for such a voyage takes considerable planning but no matter how hard there is always something you run short of. Our coffee supply is low however we have more tea on board than you could possibly imagine. My last voyage from Albany to Auckland resulted in a similar situation but we get by with a last resort of strawberry jam and hot water.

The yacht is looking great both inside and out. At present we have a full main and both the solent and the stay sail unfurled. Earlier we were flying our new 360 sq meters gennaker and again it is quite spectacular to see this enormous sail flying in the breeze. A magnificent sight.

Our path to chase the wind has sent us much higher in latitude than we had hoped for we are now sailing in the fifties. One truly amazing consequence of this was that we observed our first Ice Berg last night. An unforgettable experience.

Well for me now it is time to retire as Fedor and Alex settle in to a James Bond movie. No murders tonight I hope!

Mark McRae

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