DHL Express delivers the equipment for `Around the world roziere balloon flight’ record

14 June 2016

DHL Express has successfully delivered another unique shipment – the equipment and gondola for a new world record – a non-stop round-the-world balloon flight by the famous Russian traveler and adventurer Fedor Konyukhov. The capsule of the balloon, specially created for Fedor’s flight, was shipped from Bristol, UK where it had been produced, to Northam, Western Australia, from where the project will lift off.

To make it happen DHL Express drew on the power of its international express network. The route was designed specifically for the project, taking into consideration the special requirements and unprecedented dimensions of the load. Throughout the itinerary, the shipment was carried by the company’s largest cargo freighters and was under the total control of DHL experts at every stage of the journey.

The route was made from Bristol, UK to Perth, Australia via Leipzig, Bangkok and Singapore in order to provide the optimal conditions for the shipment and maximum control (see infographics).

Fedor has underlined that logistics is ‘a crucially important part of the project, and the delivery of gondola and equipment is a big event. The transportation was performed on a highly professional level on all the stages of delivery’. The team of the project also stressed that customs clearance was perfectly organized. It took only a few hours to go through customs formalities, which is a unique case for such an unusual shipment and complex customs control regulations’.

Specialists started assembling the equipment right after the delivery. According to the latest estimations, all equipment of the project will be ready by June, 19. And then the start date will depend on the weather conditions to minimize the risks of tropical storms and cyclones.

DHL Express has been supporting Fedor`s project for a long time already. Prior to the current project, DHL delivered Fedor’s rowing boat at the end of 2015 from England to the adventurer’s residence in Moscow. The boat was used to set a record when Fedor crossed the Pacific Ocean with unassisted, solo rowing in 2012.

Adrian Marley, Managing Director at DHL Express Russia, CIS and SEE comments on the partnership: ‘‘We are glad to support Fedor’s ambitious and incredibly impressive projects. At DHL Express, we stick to a ‘can do’ attitude in every step we take. This means believing in one`s own success, abilities and the capacity to do things that others wouldn’t dare to try. We wish him success in setting the new world record.’

Fedor is planning to set a new world record by completing a solo non-stop flight around the world in a hot air balloon on the first try. The whole journey will take from 15 to 20 days at an altitude from 5,000 to 10,000 meters.

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