Day three

17 December 2013

Fedor Konyukhov via satellite phone: “The weather is still cloudy. The headwind, although only 5-10 knots, makes it very difficult to proceed. Such weather is not typical for these latitudes. Usually, the winds alongside of the Chilean coast are persistently south-westerly and moderate. One positive thing is that due to such headwind there are hardly any waves, only a constant swell. The conditions are comfortable enough. In addition, I didn’t see any ships; most likely I’ve left their tracks.  Finally was able to have a restful sleep and prepare a hot meal. Don’t be alarmed by a trajectory of Tourgoyak’s course. At this point I need to break away from the coast: any directions, except the east, are welcomed. It’s great to have backup batteries on board.  During the first couple of days the autopilot took every juice out of the main batteries.  Right now, I’m using the backup ones and all of the equipment is working – except the autopilot – I won’t use it for now. Overall, I’m getting used to the conditions and daily routine. The most annoying thing is this constant cold and dampness. When I’m on oars, I get really warm, but as soon as I stop rowing I get freezing cold. A weather prognosis is that the wind should change to west-south-west. It’s good news for me. I’m hoping that the weather report is correct and the wind will soon change its direction.” 

Check for “Tourgoyak” position.

Translated by Tatiana Koreski

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