Day 153

24 May 2014

“It’s the morning of May 24th. Last night was fair and uneventful. At sundown, I saw 5 whales going north, and thankfully, they didn’t pay the slightest attention to me. At the sight them I froze and brought the oars back on deck. When whales are around, it’s better to not attract their attention. The head wind is from the north-west, and by noon it’s expected to be strictly from the west, which will undoubtedly stop the boat. By night though, the wind should become south-westerly. Only by tomorrow morning will it come from the south-east. So, for the next 24 hours the wind will make a 360 degree spin which will cause swells and chaotic movement in the ocean.

The day is promising to be difficult. It’s morning (10:00 am Brisbane time), and I’m 210 miles from the entrance of the Mooloolaba marina ( 26.41′S и 153.07′E). Despite my sharp turn south, I’m still determined to reach the city of Mooloolaba and finish my transpacific crossing at their yacht-club

The weather forecast shows that the wind will be from south-east. I’m going to be slightly south of Mooloolaba. The south-east wind will help me to navigate north along the coast towards Mooloolaba.


There was a time when I faced 8-9 thousands miles until Australia. Right now, the remaining distance is a mere 200 miles. My life will change completely as soon as I step on land. However, 200 miles might be close if you have a good sail boat (one day or so), but on an ocean row boat these many miles will take at least one week. I’m with you. Fedor.”

The map of the Tourgoyak’s course:

The detailed map of the course:

Translated by Tatiana Koreski

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