Day 132

03 May 2014

Fedor via the satphone: “The wind is from the north-east, 6-8 knots. The boat is moving westward, staying close to the main course.  It’s a new moon and I’m thankful for that. The ocean should become a bit calmer and inviting. The new day is promising to be nice and sunny. The air is crisp, the visibility is great; it’s a perfect autumn day.

I’ve been noticing some debris of white corral drifting alongside the boat. It looks as if the pieces were ripped off the coral reef during a storm. I scooped up a few as a keepsake.

Last night, the radar transponder picked up a signal from a ship. No matter how hard I peered into the night darkness I couldn’t see any lights, but I certainly recognized the smell of burning fuel. Even though the ship was beyond the horizon I was able to get a wiff of it just by smelling the air. After so many months in the open air, my senses are in tune with my surroundings so I pick up on slight differences that are not typical for the ocean.

Unfortunately, the swallow that landed on the deck less than a day go didn’t make it. It was nice having this tiny bird as company.

Compared to yesterday  I’m in a great mood. It’s amazing how little you need to be happy here. I’m alive and well; I lived to see another day; there is no rain; the wind is favorable; the sky is clear so I can see the new moon at night. Such simple things, but they make me feel the happiest person alive. ”

The map of the Tourgoyak’s course:

The detailed map of the course:

Translated by Tatiana Koreski

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