Day 106. Tourgoyak had left the tropics

07 April 2014

Fedor via the satphone: “Monday morning brought a slight drizzle and the wind of 5-6 knots. The only reminder of the last few days of the stormy weather is the two meters waves. Tourgoyak was consistently pushed south during the last 24 hours. As a result, the boat and I advanced one degree south, which was enough to cross the Southern Tropic. The tropical latitudes are officially done. However, I don’t want to speak too soon: if the wind decides to become southerly then the boat would be brought right back north.

I’m at the 24° of the Southern Latitude, and Brisbane’s latitude is at 27° south. Three more degrees south (or 180 nautical miles), and I will be at the latitude of my final destination. As of today, according to my calculations, Tourgoyak and I have covered more than 6000 nautical miles.

Praying that everyone had a joyful day celebrating the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. My wish to all that only good news would enter your homes. I’m with you. Fedor.”

The map of the Tourgoyak’s course:

The detailed map of the course:

Translated by Tatiana Koreski

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