Celebration on board Alye Parusa.

26 January 2009

For many this could be just another day but to us Aussies it is a time to celebrate.  It is now 00.20 on Monday morning the Twenty Sixth of January. “Australia day”.

However there is also one other very important celebration on board.  Today is the anniversary of Fedors start in the Antarctica Cup from the Port of Albany a small city on the South coast of Western Australia. 

And what a day it was.. Thousands of well wishers lined the vantage points along the harbor and Mt Clarence to bid Fedor farewell. Little did we know then that this voyage into the history books would stretch to over one hundred days.  Over one hundred days at sea, alone, managing a maxi yacht, sailing her safely and as quickly as the sea would allow, chasing the winds to achieve what many would consider a miracle.

For us on board the stark reality of Fedors solo voyage is having quite an influence.  Having only been at sea for just a short while we are all amazed at Fedors strengths however over the past few days we have grown to respect a man of incredible substance. A sailor, a teacher, a person who is fantastic company and yet a very humble person who simply gets on with the task at hand.  For us occasional yachties we are amazed by what Fedor achieved.

The Antarctica Cup was created by Mr Bob Williams and over some time prior to the event Bob, Fedor and Oscar built a wonderful relationship so much so that Bob flew to the UK to meet them in anticipation of Fedors willingness to enter the race.   Months later it was a joy to see Fedor and Oscar sail into Albany to prepare for the race.  Some time before this I also became involved in the event and like Bob cherish our friendship with Fedor and Oscar.

Fedor returned to Albany to be greeted by thousands and in his usual way he sometimes waved gently to the crowd.  An incredible man.

Mark McRae 

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