Battening down the hatches.

03 February 2009

After so many weeks of very little wind we have for the past twenty four hours enjoyed twenty five to thirty kt winds. She is at her best in these conditions, skimming along at ten to fourteen kt with two reefs in the main and a little stay sail.

As usual we have been enjoying some really scrummy food and last night we celebrated the (approximately) half way mark. Well any excuse at all will do for a sip of fine New Zealand wine. Andrey is proving to be a fine chef mixing up the most amazing meals with a flick of his wrist. We all very much appreciate his culinary skills so much so that we even allow him to wash up afterwards.

Last night after dinner a few of us watched Brave Heart. As you may know an amazing story about William Wallace and his bid to seek Scotland@@apos@@s freedom from England. A rather gory sort of a film but at least with sharing one pair off earphones with another crewman the sounds effects were not quite so bad.  It was rather difficult to snap out of the cozy theater scene and get back on watch however we were greeted with a spectacular evening. A million stars were enjoyed by all. Satellites zooming across the lower skies and the ever faithful Southern Cross guiding us on our merry way.

Everyone is getting rather excited as we move closer to Cape Horn but that is still quite a few days way yet. Never the less one mile after another! 1900 miles to Cape Horn.

Mark McRae

50.45S 122.26W
01/02/2009: 22.17 GMT

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