Appeal To The Public

25 July 2016

Photo: SkyWorks WA

Fedor and the rest of the team were thrilled to have so many members of the public follow the balloon through the final stages of the flight to its landing point.

Several hundred people were onsite for the landing or shortly afterwards.  Many kids (and adults as well) were able to walk inside the half deflated balloon and also helped squeeze out the last of the air.

Unfortunately in their enthusiasm the souvenir collectors got a little carried away and many parts of the balloon were removed.  The balloon will go into a museum which is being specially built in Moscow and we really would like some of the missing parts to complete the collection.  Of particular importance is the valve mechanism from the top of the balloon and the solar panels.  These have absolutely no monetary value or use but are obviously of great importance to Fedor.

If the people in possession of these parts would contact us we will collect them from you and provide you with large pieces of the balloon fabric personally signed and endorsed by Fedor Konyukhov.  Alternatively if you wish to remain anonymous please drop these parts outside the  Northam Airport aero club.   The solar panels and valve are of enormous personal value to the pilot and the RTW project team and your help with their return would be sincerely appreciated.


John Wallington – Round the world flight project coordinator in Australia

61 418 60 60 29


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