50 knots of wind forecasted at turning mark

30 April 2008

Fedor Konyukhov: “I am sailing close to the wind as much as the N-N-W waves allow. Ideal is to have 060 COG, but we are hardly managing 075 COG. In fact we are riding parallel the swell and wind waves. Bringing the boat closer – creates too much stress for the hull and rig. The boat hits the wave and often stops. I was hoping to have cooperative forecast by the turning mark (Exit Gate), although what I just got from Lee Bruce promises rough approach to the Exit Gate.


Based on the likelihood of a lot of WNW to NNW wind, Fedor should try to enter the exit gate as close to the west end (45S 105E) as possible. But I’m afraid the wind will make that very difficult.  Fedor will need to sail as high as he can for the next 48-60 hours.  The two positions estimated below are where I think Fedor may end up, but he should always be trying for that 45S 105E WP.

30/00Z: W 15-20kt

30/06: NW 10-15

30/12: NNW 20-25

30/18: NNW 30-35

01/00: NW 20-25 (estimate near 46 30S 101 45E)

01/06: NW 25-30

01/12: WNW 35

01/18: WNW 35

02/00: W 20 becoming WSW 40

02/06: WSW 40-50 (estimate near 45S 106 33E)

Fedor: “So, it looks us will have to deal with Force 10-11 leaving ACRT. It will be powerful farewell. Obviously, S-W storm will bring chilling wind and probably heavy snow. I only started to take layers off. Tomorrow is 01 of May. I never have been in the Southern Ocean so late in the season. In 1990-91 during Sydney-Sydney non stop solo circumnavigation I finished at JacksonBay on 08 of June 1991, but most of the Indian Ocean I sailed above 40 south and passed through Bass Straight. After Cape of Good Hope I simply could not force my self to sail Deep South again on 36 ft production boat from Swanson.

The good thing is that every mile north brings us into warmer waters. Yesterday before N-W breeze filled in I even open deck hatch at the back of the boat – to ventilate aft cabin where I keep fuel, fenders and other smelly stuff. This is the first time I had opened this hatch since entering Antarctica Cup Race Track! It was like entering ancient cellar or Egyptian pyramid.

In general all is well on board “Trading Network Alye Parusa” and although Southern Ocean keeps showing its character – but I already have seen enough of it. Big respect to this vast Ocean but my boat and I have also learned at lot sailing Antarctica Cup – I think we can negotiate coming weather system. Not to be self confident, it is just the boat is very strong and reliable. Best regards – Fedor


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