150 miles until the land. Day 155

26 May 2014

“The ocean is still, like a lake. A weak wind is from the south-east. I only did 35 miles since yesterday. If I keep this tempo, God willing, I’ll see the Australian coast by the end of the week. I don’t want to get ahead of myself though, the weather is too unstable.

Last night, the sun set into the crystal clear ocean. There was not a single cloud on the horizon. I was filming the sunset on camera hoping to catch green flash at the end, but no such luck. It was a starry night and by morning, the deck was covered with a dew. The day is going to be sunny and warm.

Today I think was the last time I ran the water pump during this crossing. I have only good things to say about the Schenker company: they make terrific water desalination pumps. During my transatlantic crossing in 2002, every time I had to use a water pump was stressful. This time though, I have no stress or problems when using the water pump: simply push the on button and one minute later a nice fresh water is flowing my way. I get 30 liters every hour.

During the 155 days on the ocean I haven’t got any problem with the gel accumulators. It was the right move to return to Chile and switch the lithium batteries that have a very complicated process of charging, with the new gel batteries. Once again, I want to thank the electricians in Concon who did such a professional job of rewiring the entire batteries’ system of Tourgoyak.

To be left without drinking water and power would be detrimental to crossing across the ocean. These were two of my biggest concerns, after a potential damage to a hull. The solar panels worked great at every hint of a sunshine, which regrettably, I haven’t had much on this crossing. Out of 155 days so far, the 100 of them were of a complete overcast with thick and low- hanging clouds. I had to be very economical with the use of the energy. Again, the water pump worked like a clock. As for the rest of my equipment on board, I have no complaints: most everything survived and continues to work well.  

God willing, this week is my final sprint. I’m planning and praying to see the land by the end of the week. I’m with you. Fedor.”

The map of the Tourgoyak’s course: http://yb.tl/konyukhov2

The detailed map of the course: www.oceanrowing.com/Konyukhov/Pacific2013/dist_map.htm

Translated by Tatiana Koreski

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