Trading Netwrok Alye Parusa crossed Prime Meridian

02 April 2008

Russian Open 85 ft yacht “Trading Network Alye Parusa” crossed Prime/Greenwich Meridian and entered Eastern Hemisphere. Fedor reports: “It is good to be back to home hemisphere where we have both Moscow – home for me and Albany home for Antarctica Cup event. It is great felling to have vast distance of Western Hemisphere behind the stern and a little bit sad that I am leaving this harsh and hostile but unique and incomparable environment, home waters for Cape Horn. From now we have another 118 degrees to Albany, which I broke into several stretches: first task is to sails through the ice range from 0’0 till 15 E, we decided to round several confirmed icebergs from South and leave them to stbd. There should be a gap between two groups of confirmed icebergs and I want to navigate there. Once we clear this section, here comes Cape of Good Hope – that marks 100 degrees to Albany, then another leg to Kerguelen Islands and from there – final stretch to Albany. All is well on board, steady wind and cooperative sea state. Regards, Fedor ”.

Bob Williams Chairman Antarctica Cup Ocean Race:

“Having now crossed the Prime Meridian the next significant milestones for Fedor are avoiding icebergs located at 10E in SECTOR 13 of the Antarctica Cup Racetrack and crossing 20E into the Indian Ocean leaving behind ‘iceberg alley’ in the South Atlantic Ocean. From race control in Albany: “Fedor has sailed 3,000 nautical miles since entering the South Atlantic Ocean Zone of the Antarctica Cup Racetrack on March 03/08. To date Fedor has not reported sighting any icebergs and that’s the way we would like to keep it. Satellite scans have located an iceberg at 45.32S, 10.67E. We are unaware what ice there is north of 45S. Fedor will sail to the south of this iceberg. Within a matter of days Fedor, and all on shore, will be much relieved as Fedor exits this area of severe iceberg activity”.


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