Passing North of South Georgia

22 March 2008

Open 85 “Trading Network Alye Parusa” has sailed over 9.000 n. miles alongside Antarctica Cup Race Track and currently passing 350 miles north of South GeorgiaIslands.

Fedor reports that last two nights were cloudless and full Moon perfectly lights the Ocean. This is the first time he can observe the full Moon from the start, as usually the skies are grey and low. The weather is stable and in general – conditions are good for Southern Ocean. Fedor is well into the sailing routine and after he spent several weeks below 55 South with extreme temperatures and everyday snow, he now enjoys sailing conditions above 50 South. The fixed rudder is holding OK and Fedor’s main concerns now are the icebergs. He is getting close to the area of A53 mega iceberg location (giant iceberg A53a that split into two 30 kilometres long icebergs on 10 March 08) and keeping close lookout for icebergs around the boat. So far – none of the berg has been seen. All is fine on board the yacht and Fedor is in great mood.   


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