Half way across the Ice Cap!

10 May 2007

Message from Fedor Konyukhov: “According to our GPS position we are in the middle of the Greenland Ice Cap which is more or less half way of our journey. Hans and I are quite happy with the progress of our dog teams. We are averaging 55 km per day. I am getting very well with my 9 dogs; they are very smart, strong and have plenty of stamina. I would like to thank my friend Klaus Andersen – whose dogs I am running now across the Ice Cap of Greenland.

Klaus is a citizen of Denmark who is working on the west coast of Greenland (Ilullissat) in outdoor tourism field. He raised this dog team from puppies and already completed the Ice Cap crossing. I promised Klaus that I will take good care of his dogs and do my best. My favorite dog is Buizi (female leader). In fact she is the mother of almost all young dogs in my team. Today we were the leading team, running ahead of Hans’s team. I am in good control of the dogs and feel quite confident.

Foto: Fedor, Klaus and Hans discussing the trip across the Greenland Ice Cap

 It is quite cold during the night – 35, the sun is not clear, but covered in haze and we have some stable wind – the chill factor is really there.  

We consider that we have another 7 days to go, subject to weather conditions. The plan is that Hans’s brother Jorgen Kristensen together with Klaus, Oscar and Vladimir will climb up towards us 30 km and make a camp. Once we get their Camp coordinates we will drive directly to them, that mean – the final stretch we will be accompanied by our support team”.

Position: 09 May 2007

67’50 N and 43’53W

Alt: 2350 м

Meanwhile Oscar Konyukhov (project manager) and Vladimir Zaytsev (camera man) flew over the Ice Cap from east to west and arrived to the Capital of Greenland (Nuk) and now waiting for the flight to Ilulissat – the finish point of the expedition. 

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