First storm for Alye Parusa in the Southern Atlantic

19 November 2007

These 24 hours are particularly difficult one. With 35-40 knots of headwinds from SS-E and 5 meters waves moving from the same direction. In the audio session Fedor reported that boat is climbing 5 meters waves and sailing under storm sails. To reduce the stress on the boat and rig he had to bear away for 6 hours with the task to stay on 180T heading which is very difficult in SS-E gale force winds and boat breaking waves.
The forecast from Lee:
“First test of poor weather for Fedor is coming with strong SE wind approaching, behind an old front.  Suggest heading 160-190T based on best combination of speed, comfort, and safety.
18/00Z:  SE 25kt gust 32kt
18/06Z:  ESE 25-30kt gust 40kt

Waves build to 4.5m, occasional 5.5m in the strong SE and ESE wind”.

Fedor: “It was stormy day today with some nasty gusts and heavy rain. Head waves are my main problem as they prevent my boat to sail S-E. We are 21 ft wide (the hull) and up wind is not the best conditions for us. It will be perfect conditions for 130T wind angle for the boat, but instead we are 030T onto the wind. This weather pattern is a reminder that Southern Ocean is close and we are 900 miles away from Roaring Forties. So far so good and wind start to move to E, which will allow him more S-E heading. The main is full of fresh water – it may be 300 litres of water. This it the only good thing about weather we had today – I can fill in my fresh water tanks. Fedor”.  

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