Fedor Konyukhov rounded Cape Horn

12 March 2008

12 March 13:45 GMT Open 85 yacht “Trading Network Alye Parusa” sailed south of Cape Horn and entered the South Atlantic Ocean.
From Fedor “It is very emotional to stay here on deck and see this massive rock which is a milestone for my journey around the Antarctica Cup Racetrack. The approach was very difficult. The ocean was indescribably wild and powerful. My 30 tons boat was dragged like a tree leaf, the waves were hitting us in the port rudder, the stern and in the starboard rudder. There was no place to hide as waves were coming from N-W, W, S-W. On the approach to DiegoRamirezIslands one of two Raymarine autopilots burned down, (I think it was a motor), the boat lost control turned on the wind and got such an impact that I thought we would lose bow and mast. I took me half a minute to sort things out with the burnt out pilot and switched to the reserve unit. Things began to improve 20 miles to Cape Horn. After a terrible night all of a sudden we have a stunning sun rise with some sun breaks! It was a greatest gift possible. Visibility improved and I can see Cape Horn 15 miles on my port side. It took me another hour to get close enough to see the Cape in all its beauty. This is the first land I have seen from Albany! On the VHF – channel 16- Chilean fishermen are talking to each other. It is such a great thing to hear someone on the radio! I am not alone in this Ocean!   The fourth time for me proves to be lucky – I can finally see Cape Horn from the deck of my boat. That was my dream. In my 3 previous roundings – but it always happened during the night.
I’m 56 and don’t know if I will have a chance to see Cape Horn again, but with four successful passages around – I think it is enough for me. I’m satisfied and feel complete in the way that we reached the Everest of the Ocean. Although this time it is a special rounding – we are not heading north towards the Equator but will stay in the Southern Ocean for another 8.000 miles to Albany. Fedor Konyukhov, on board Trading Network Alye Parusa, Cape Horn”.

4 Cape Horn passages of Fedor Konyukhov (solo)

31 December 1990, 36 ft yacht “Karaana”,

17 March 1999, Open 60 “Modern University for the Humanities”

09 April 2005, Open 85 “Trading Network Alye Parusa”

12 March 2008, Open 85 “Trading Network Alye Parusa”

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