Fedor fighting third storm in the row.

25 February 2008

From 24 of February maxi yacht “Trading Network Alye Parusa” is riding third powerful storm in the Southern Pacific. According to the forecast from Lee Bruce:  

“25/00Z: WSW 45-50kt gust 60

25/06: SW 40-50”

Fedor in his Sat-C messages also reporting wind up to 60 knots:

“Position: 54,0.86S , 137,12.24W
Speed: 15 knots, Course: 110 deg.
UTC Time: 25. February| 2008 00:56
wind 50-60 kt  W S W 


Quote from Fedor:

“During my previous circumnavigations in Southern Pacific – this vast Ocean was always kind to me and I was hoping we get smooth run this time, but it seems Pacific would like to prove that he can be violent and “un-pacific”. We are riding from one storm into another with only 24 hours pause. Even during these 24 hours – you can’t rest as with 20 knots of wind you have to negotiate 10 meters swell – leftovers from previous Low. In these conditions you simply can not work with the sail properly and when at last sea state become cooperative – we get another powerful turbulence.   

Riding current storm, I look into 7 days forecast that suggested massive Low going across our heading from N-W to S-E by 01 of March. There are not many options left for us to negotiate new Low. By that time I hope to be 1.000 miles to Cape Horn and my only choice will be to head into Drake Passage – regardless the weather.  

Right now we have 2.000 miles to Cape Horn.

Regards, Fedor”

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