One week at sea

21 January 2009

We have now been at sea for one week and as mentioned before our yacht is slowly shrinking in size.  However the wonderful aspect of this is that the nine of us have grown together making up a fantastic team of dedicated yachtsman.  Not only to the art of sailing safely and quickly to our destination but also dedicated to enjoying every moment of our voyage.

This morning typified the beauty of the Southern Ocean.  As our horizon swung to the morning sun the crests of waves lit up like the lights of a city before us.  Orange and red brilliant white and green danced over the ocean.  Our delight continued throughout the day.

We were all below except our helmsman when a shout rang out.   We all raced on deck to discover the most magnificent sight.  Hundreds of dolphins performing before us.  Wherever we looked the ocean was alive with dolphins skimming along the surface some occasionally leaping into the air performing perfect pirouettes like a ballerina on a stage.  As we settled down to lunch the sun was simply brilliant.  Not a cloud in the sky, fifteen knot of wind and wonderful food.  As the afternoon watch commenced Alex, Simon and Fedor settled into an afternoon movie (portable DVD) minus the popcorn of course.  The remainder of the crew, off watch, settled down for some sleep.  The watch crew were rewarded with the magnificent site of several whales gliding close by.

We expect the winds to shift to the South over the next few hours and so we may have an opportunity to head further to the East.  With just over three thousand miles till Cape Horn, even though our start was slow, it will slip by quickly as we catch the low pressure systems below us.

Of course our thoughts at times are for our families and friends and we would hope that they are comfortable knowing that our little boat is safe and secure.


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