Day 90

22 March 2014

Fedor via the satphone:“The ocean is calm and untroubled. A light breeze is from the east. In addition to the booby friends, I’ve got myself a new companion. Since Saturday I’have been followed by a shark, 1.5 meters in length. We met when I was rounding the Motu One atoll, and I made a careless gesture by throwing over board a small piece of sheep skin that I use for my rowing seat. The shark accepted the present and left me for few hours preoccupied with it. However, she (or he) returned promptly when got bored playing and now is following me constantly. The shark is not afraid of the oars and a sound they make. I definitely should’ve refrained from offering anything to my guest. By the looks of it, the shark is going to accompany me for a while now.   

According to the weather report, I’m going to have a nice week. The plan is to get down to the 20th degree of the Southern Latitude. That way I’ll be ready for the south-east winds that are expected by the end of the week.  Sunday, March 23, marked my three months on the Pacific Ocean. I started this crossing on Sunday, December 22nd, 2013, and every day since then, the Pacific has been surprising, inspiring and trying me constantly. I’m with you. Fedor.”

The map of the Tourgoyak’s course:

The detailed map of the course:

Translated by Tatiana Koreski

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