Day 5

27 December 2013

Fedor via satellite phone: “Last night Tourgoyak and I entered a zone of strong south-west winds. The weather has changed drastically. It’s very difficult to row: the wind is between 20-25 knots, moderate waves of some length and height, whitecaps are everywhere. My attempts to row are futile. Due to strength of the waves and winds I can’t hold onto the oars to do any kind of productive rowing. I released a sea anchor at 50 meters overboard, hoping that this would stabilize the boat.  During the night didn’t sleep a wink. These current conditions in the ocean are not surprising. Up until last night, there has been a north-west wind for the last ten days. Now the wind is south-west. It will take time for the wind to turn the wave around. The cockpit is soaked, constantly getting hit by waves. The good news is that I am able to continue with my main course towards north and a bit west. Everything is in God’s hands and with His help my Tourgoyak and I will continue moving forward.”

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