Fedor Konyukhov

Hot-Air Balloon High-Altitude Record Attempt

Fedor Konyukhov is to attempt another, balloon world-record… a hot-air adventure, high up in the Stratosphere and he has chosen Cameron Balloons as his balloon manufacturer once again.

Russian balloonist Fedor Konyukhov awarded FAI - Breitling Pilot of the Year 2016 Award

Lausanne, Switzerland, 18 November 2016 – A Russian priest and balloon pilot who circumnavigated the world in a balloon in record time has been presented the inaugural FAI - Breitling Pilot of the Year Award at a ceremony in Switzerland yesterday, Thursday 17 November 2016.

Hot-Air Balloon High-Altitude Record Attempt

Fedor Konyukhov is to attempt another, balloon world-record… a hot-air adventure, high up in the Stratosphere and he has chosen Cameron Balloons as his balloon manufacturer once again.

Putting a string around the world with a balloon: the Konyukhov RTW flight weather strategy

The goal of the Fedor Konyukhov RTW flight in July 2016 was to beat the record of 13 days flying around the world in a balloon, held by Steve Fossett since 2002. I was also involved in the Fossett record, and I helped him in the 3 successful RTW flights in Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer in 2005 and 2006.

Successful solo flight - great team work

The Round the world flight is complete and Fedor is back safely to Northam, Western Australia. All equipment is now at the same hangar! It was an incredible event for all those involved directly and indirectly.

Appeal To The Public

Fedor and the rest of the team were thrilled to have so many members of the public follow the balloon through the final stages of the flight to its landing point. Several hundred people were onsite for the landing or shortly afterwards. Unfortunately in their enthusiasm the souvenir collectors got a little carried away and many parts of the balloon were removed.

Where will he land?

Morton FCC ( Flight Control Centre) is currently working overtime to prepare for final phase of Fedor's RTW Balloon flight.

Balloon MORTON on its way to Australia

24 hours ago at around 01:00 UTC 21st Fedor flew into very severe thunderstorm activity. He was at around 8,500 metres with the tops well above him and unreachable at night on the burners. Fedor had made the decision to cross the low pressure system on the best forecasting available so the intensity of the activity was an unwelcome surprise.

Update from the Southern Ocean. 21 July

Fedor is overflying Southern Ocean. He is in strong polar jet stream flow that pushes him down towards Antarctica.

Past The Cape of Good Hope. Morton balloon is over Indian ocean

Fedor is on the final leg home but relaxing at this stage is not an option. The morning started with significant valving of helium as it is heated by the sun. This has been necessary for the last few days as fuel is consumed and the system becomes lighter.

Difficult night over Atlantic Ocean

Mid Atlantic and the night started with a relatively good immediate vicinity forecast. Fedor appeared to be clear of some frontal activity and the team was focusing on a strong developing low that may be encountered as the balloon moved into the Indian Ocean the following day.

Crossing of South America completed!

Konyukhov’s MORTON balloon crossed the territory of Chile in just an hour and five minutes, taking two hours to fly over the Andes mountains, with Mount Aconcagua to starboard.

Fedor Konyukhov is approaching coast of South America

During the last 24 hours Fedor had to perform a few difficult manoeuvres. Yesterday afternoon the pilot saw large cumulus clouds (cumulonimbus) on the horizon, at the height of 10-11 km, well above the Morton balloon flight level.

Jumping over cold front in the Pacific

In a few hours Fedor will have to negotiate a large occluded front stretching across the Pacific Ocean from the coast of Antarctica to 20 degrees south latitude.

Morton balloon is at Western hemisphere!

15 July 12:00 UTC Fedor crossed 180 Longitude and now in Western hemisphere. He went back to the past - it is Thursdays 14 of July for Fedor again!

Morton balloon reaches New Zealand

Airways New Zealand confirms the balloon carrying Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov on his world record attempt to circumnavigate the globe has entered New Zealand airspace.

Flying over the ocean

Morton balloon has crossed the longitude of 163 degrees east and is currently flying in New Zealand airspace. Last night, the pilot Fedor Konyukhov left the Green continent in the hopes of circumnavigating the globe and returning to welcoming Australian soil.

Day 2

The 13th of July. Fedor Konyukhov has completed the second set of day light hours flying of his circumnavigation flight. Morton balloon so far has transcended 1650 kilometers, crossed the territory of the State of Western Australia, and is currently flying over the state of South Australia. Fedor Konyukhov is in his second night flying.


The Russian Rozière hot-air balloon Morton completed a successful takeoff from Northam airport in Western Australia on 12 July, the point of liftoff being recorded as 7:30 am local time.

Launched date confirmed. 02 of July. Northam, Western Australia

According to the data available on 28th of June (12 UTC), there is a weather window for the launch of the "MORTON" balloon on 2nd of July, Saturday. Good trajectories for crossing Australian continent.

Waiting for the weather window

The 19th July 2002 is a special date for the international ballooning community: on that day in Northam, Western Australia American pilot Steve Fossett took off on his sixth attempt at completing his solo nonstop fly around the world.

News from Australia

Preparations for the round-the-world balloon flight are in full swing in Northam, West Australia, where local aero club hosts Fedor Konyukhov's crew and the equipment. By the time of our arrival to Northam, gondola and burners were already delivered from the UK by our partner, DHL.

DHL Express delivers the equipment for `Around the world roziere balloon flight’ record

DHL Express is the official logistics partner of the ‘Round the world roziere balloon flight’ project undertaken by prominent Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov. As logistics partner, DHL provided delivery of equipment for the flight, including balloon gondola.

MORTON Balloon is sent to the start in Australia

Last week in Bristol (UK), a historic event took place. Morton balloon, in which the traveler and pilot Fedor Konyukhov plans to fly around the world, was officially transferred to Morton Company. Handover of the balloon was held with the participation of Don Cameron, the owner of the company-manufacturer Cameron Balloons, and the management of Morton Company - Alexander Ruchiev, the president, and Oleg Kolchenko, the vice-president.

Successful world record attempt for an AX-9 hot air balloon

If on January 25, 2016, you happened to be in the vicinity of the small Russian city Kovrov in the Vladimir region, you would not only have been extremely cold in the mid -20 ⁰C, but would have witnessed a low flying hot air balloon. Displaying a bright white, red, and blue checkered design and the B&NBANK logo, the balloon moved slowly eastward, with a small flame from a burner shining as a beacon in the still and cold morning air.

Seven months until the Round the World launch and counting

In mid-December 2015, Fedor Konyukhov will travel to Cameron Balloons to assess yet another stage of the manufacturing the MORTON GROUP record-breaking attempt balloon and in June of 2016 Fedor Konyukhov will attempt to fly solo and non-stop around the world in a balloon.

Letter of support from Sir Richard Branson

"I have received letter of support from Sir Richard Branson. This is a great news. He always inspired me by his projects in the air, in the ocean, on land. Even he was not always the first to achieve the goal but he was pushing the limits, creating completions, investing into technology, promoting sports".

My Expeditions: the next ten years.

This book is dedicated to those who seek adventures and thirst to find their own path.

The Power of Faith: 160 days and nights of solitude in the Pacific Ocean

Fedor Konyukhov’s new book “The Power of Faith: 160 days and nights of solitude in the Pacific Ocean” is a collection of his daily journal entries that he wrote during his expedition across the Pacific Ocean on the 9 meters row boat Tourgoyak (K9).

The Pacific Ocean

Fedor Konyukhov’s new book “The Pacific Ocean” is the fourth in his children series. In this book the explorer talks about his solo rowing across the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, which despite its name is not easily pacified.

My Expeditions

“My Expeditions” is written to inspire those who are drawn to seeing and experiencing the world for themselves. It is a thoroughly compiled collection of journal entries that the author religiously writes during his travels.