Fedor Konyukhov

Circumnavigation on a crewed monohull for the Jules Verne Trophy

There have been 12 people who landed on the Moon; 340 people have crossed various oceans on row boats; and more than 3,500 people have climbed Mt. Everest. However, as of July 1st, 2014, there has yet to be a team to sail a monohull non-stop around the world. The remaining frontier to be conquered by a crewed monohull is winning the Jules Verne Trophy.

Putting a string around the world with a balloon: the Konyukhov RTW flight weather strategy

The goal of the Fedor Konyukhov RTW flight in July 2016 was to beat the record of 13 days flying around the world in a balloon, held by Steve Fossett since 2002. I was also involved in the Fossett record, and I helped him in the 3 successful RTW flights in Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer in 2005 and 2006.

Difficult night over Atlantic Ocean

Mid Atlantic and the night started with a relatively good immediate vicinity forecast. Fedor appeared to be clear of some frontal activity and the team was focusing on a strong developing low that may be encountered as the balloon moved into the Indian Ocean the following day.

Crossing of South America completed!

Konyukhov’s MORTON balloon crossed the territory of Chile in just an hour and five minutes, taking two hours to fly over the Andes mountains, with Mount Aconcagua to starboard.

A Rower in the Ocean

In the fall of 2002, a famous Russian explorer Fedor Konyukhov became the first Russian to row solo, non-stop and unassisted across the Atlantic Ocean.