Fedor Konyukhov

Where will he land?

Morton FCC ( Flight Control Centre) is currently working overtime to prepare for final phase of Fedor's RTW Balloon flight. 

Latest update shows that Fedor is approximately at 1800 km from Australian coastal line. 

It is impossible to predict where exactly Fedor will land, but here in Northem WA, all possible scenarios being considered.

Tomorrow at 06:00 23rd of July 2016, Media and the ground crew planning to leave Northam airfield and will fly to meet and escort Fedor's balloon, which will be approaching Western Australia near Albany, according to our predictions.

You can follow the balloon’s path here: https://my.yb.tl/RRTW2016

You can also view the route map at www.iridium360.ru

The official website for the project “Around the world in a Roziere balloon “Morton” can be found at a flyfedor.ru