Fedor Konyukhov

Two months in the Southern Ocean

61 day in the Southern Ocean Fedor Konyukhov on board Open 85 “Trading Network Alye Parusa” continues to sail inaugural Antarctica Cup race Track. Today the boat is in the middle of Southern Atlantic. 10.000 n. miles covered and 5.000 miles to Albany. On the 01 of February 2008 Fedor crossed 45 South and entered ACRT. Nearly 2 months in grueling and harsh environment of the Southern Ocean. The boat experienced hurricane force winds, 15 meters waves, dozen icebergs, burned down autopilot, blown off B&G masthead unit, damaged main sail, damaged and then repaired rudder and now ahead of Alye Parusa a field of iceberg that threatens the boat safety and Fedor has to balance between race rules and safety of the boat.  

The yacht crossed 20 West – “Bellingshausen Gate” named after legendary Russian Commander and explorer who in 1820 first seen land of Antarctica.

Report from Fedor: “We are in the center of High Pressure, wind 5-10 knots and barometer jumped to 1034 Mb – this is first time I have it so high. The day is absolutely gorgeous: azure blue skies, sunshine, clear and frosty air, 1-2 meters waves. Very unusual for this area. Spent all day on deck. It was perfect day to inspect the boat and deck hardware. All is in good working order; the rudder tiller is holding firmly and looks solid. Very proud of my repairs. Run water maker for several hours and managed to produce 200 liters of fresh water. This will be enough for several weeks, or even to the finish. Keep sailing alongside 45 South but so far within the ACRT, the wind is now light but allow us to sail deep and stay on course without frequent gibes. A pack of dolphins was following the boat for several hours. It was a great day to remember. I would say it is typical “romantic” sailing, this is what most people would expect sailing on the yacht. It is hard to believe that in short period of time a wet blanket will be thrown at us and freezing cold conditions will take their place.  According to the forecast things will get back to normal in 18 hours 

28/12: WNW 20-25

28/18: NNW 30-35, gust 50; squalls  

29/00: WSW 35-40, gust 50

I hope the forecast won’t confirm this data. I really would like to stop this day and live it again. Regards, Fedor”