Fedor Konyukhov

TransGreenland dog sled expedition completed

17th of May 2007 Fedor Konyukhov together with Greenland Inuit Hans Aronsen finished unsupported dog sled expedition from east coast (Isortoq) to west coast (Ilulissat) of Greenland in record time of 15 days and 22 hours. Expedition covered more then 750 km across the Greenland Ice Cap. The descent from 2000 meters alongside Ilulissat glacier to the sea level was done in less then 3 days (230 km). The final stretch from the bottom of the Ice Cap to Ilulissat was the most difficult part of the journey as both teams had to cross rivers of melting water, open sea water on the fiord, rocky passes, hundreds of meters of last year grass without any snow at all. Tired but happy Fedor and Hans accompanied by many locals entered Ilulissat, where they were greeted by almost all population of the town and Mayor.

Fedor and Hans very pleased with the way they managed this joint project on the Ice Cap, but also Fedor admit that all successful expedition prepares ashore. Fedor Konyukhov: “We had very successful and dynamic crossing because this project was organized and managed in very professional way from the beginning. Originally we made a right move to ask Matt Spenceley and Jon Russill from Greenland Expedition Specialists (GES) to organize all the logistic for us. They did excellent job and it is my recommendation to any one who wants to cross Greenland Ice Cap to work with this company.

On the Ice Cap I have enjoyed every day of the expedition with my good friend Hans Aronsen – professional hunter and outfitter. We both understand the routine in long polar expeditions and therefore did not experience any difficulties even if we speak different languages. Special thanks to Klaus Nordvig Andersen from World of Greenland branch in Ilulissat who provided me with very fit and strong dogs for my team. And with financial support of my long time partner – ModernAcademy for the Humanities – this project from dream become a reality. This year we are celebrating 10 years of cooperation with MAH and our joint projects includes: Around Alone Yacht Race 1998, Vendee Globe Yacht Race 2000 ( both on board Open 60 boat), Iditarod Dog sled race 2000, The Great Silky Way camel expedition 2002, Ice boat trails in Greenland in 2006 and other joint non-expedition projects”.

First Russian-Inuit Expedition dog sled expedition was conducted during International Polar Year (started on 01 of March 2007). Inspired by successful expedition Fedor Konyukhov at the finish line in Ilulissat announced new long term dog sled expedition with the purpose to visit all 4 Inuit societies in Arctic region: Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Russia (Chukotka). First leg from Ilulissat to Thule is planed fore next season.

In 1921-1924 Greenlandic explorer Knud Rasmussen went all the way from Greenland to Alaska, but was banned by Soviet Union authorities to enter Chukotka.       

This new project will be organized in cooperation with Danish Polar Centre (Copenhagen). Since the expedition starts from Greenland we would like to ask and invite HRH Crown Prince Frederik to become a Patron of the expedition from Danish side and the Governor of Chukotka – Roman Abramovich to become a Patron of the expedition from the Russian side.