Fedor Konyukhov

Storm is intensifying.

12 of March, 08-00 Perth Time, message from Fedor: 

“The storm came sudden and very hard on us, I was hoping that it will gradually build up, but around six hours ago wind picked up in one of the gust and not dropping below 50 knots with gusts 65 knots. It looks like all Hell break loose: pitch dark, snow, the ocean is completely covered in foam, the water spray is in the air. The noise on deck is enormous – it is like we are in the wind turbine. The waves are short and traveling very fast – like a train. The boat is surfing from the waves and hitting front waves. I had to reduce sails to minimum in order to stay in pace of the ocean. The feeling - we are in the high altitude stream and the water is roaring and running east. Crossed 70 West longitude – we are in the Drake Passage now, with 50 miles to go to Cape Horn, hope to round by the morning. Will contact you later. Fedor”