Fedor Konyukhov

Shore team is leaving Moscow for Albany

Fedor reported that boat is battling hard to make progress east. He had all possible sorts of uncooperative weather from N –E-S and back to N. Right now the wind is screaming at 40-45 knots from North, pushing the boat south-east.

Shore crew is ready to leave Moscow for Perth arriving to Albany on 29th of April. Original plan was that the boat gets to Albany by 26th of April, but current progress makes ETA around 5th of May. We are closely monitoring boat progress and forecast and hope weather will be cooperative at turning mark allow Fedor smooth run north to the finish line. Fedor has great stamina and huge experience of navigating the boat in the Southern Ocean but Antarctica Cup proves to be the hardest challenge for him. Fedor not only fighting the weather, but sleep deprivation and general fatigue as a combination of hard work, cold environment he lives in, lack of food and etc. He said he lost up to 10 kg of body weight, which is significant (before the start he was at 70 kg). Once on dry land he will need some time to recover but Fedor is very fit and normally after 4-5 months at sea just 48 hours of rest enough for him to feel refreshed.

Oscar Konyukhov

Project Manager