Fedor Konyukhov

Sat session with Fedor Konyukhov

“It looks like we are in the eye of storm, the wind dropped to 40 knots and I sky clear up so that I can see some stars! It was such a nice surprise. Although Lee Bruce saying – it is only temporary as storm is passing over and we will soon end up on another side of the Low. Fist lost from the start: B&G mast head unit is gone. Not working. It is ether damaged by the wind or by mast vibration and stress. Right now I can’t see the top of the mast. I will check tomorrow using a binocular if impeller is still in place. Will continue on Raymarine masthead unit. It was a backup system with basic functions, not so advanced as B&G but it is better then nothing.  

The waves are not normal waves they are small hills with white foamy rollers traveling at high speed. I try to keep them at 120 angles to the boat. This is the safest way to sail with them. Each wave is 100 meters away from each other – perfect for surfing and I have 25 meters surfing board. If we catch the wave – we are running down at 15-16 knots, otherwise we are climbing on top of the long swell. Overall conditions are similar to what we prepared for and boat performed quite well.

While we have a pause with the wind – it is time to put kettle on and get some hot meal. Needless to say that we are in cold front and everything is frozen here, plus we often get snowy squalls. My only source of warmth – is mug of coffee.

Regards to all.