Fedor Konyukhov

Sat session with Fedor Konyukhov

«It was a good day today. Clear skies with some altostratus lines up high. Wind 20 knots some times gusting up to 30 but it was all predictable. We have having massive swell. It corresponds with the forecast where it says 5-6 meters, occasionally 7. The swell is coming from S-W and it is smooth without windy tops. The boat is lifting gently. This “water express” traveled from Cape Horn across Southern Atlantic and Indian undisturbed. They picked up enormous speed. When I look at these waves – I think of eternity. Thousand years waves were going in the same direction and nothing has changed here. When you see this vast ocean – your mentality changes and you begin to think differently. It is funny, but many things that seemed to be very important on dry land – here means nothing.  

We are approaching “Cay Cottee” Gate II. I was aiming for WP 140E and 50S. From there we will keep diving South towards 53 South. There are 2 low pressures one North and one South and we try to pass between them. If we manage to do so, we get 35 knots of wind, if not - we can end up with up to 50 knots of wind.

I also would like to build up some distance between New Zealand and AucklandIsland. Last time when I sailed from Hobart to Falmouth (2005) I cut the corner and end up on the bank with dozens of Korean fishermen trawlers. It was in the night, with heavy rain and gusty winds. I had to sail very close to some of the trawlers and that was not very pleasant. This time I would like to leave to port all islands and head for Cape Horn.    

The ocean is empty. Not a sign of any life. Just one albatross. Very unusual. Normally I would expect to see some whales at this area – but not yet.  

GPS shows 1500 miles from the start. Now very impressive, but first week was very light, with several times of calm. Well we have plenty of miles ahead and plenty of wind. I think we will catch up.

It was one of this rare days you would like to frame and you wish it stays like this for the rest of the journey».

Forecast from Lee Bruce (Tactical Weather):

After 05/00Z: waves 4-5m; WSW swell plus WNW seas

By 06/00: waves 5-6m, ocnl 7m (WSW swell and seas)

The weather pattern on the 9th through the 11th may be quite interesting, with strong lows passing north and south of Fedors course.  If tomorrow’s data show similar results, I will provide some charts to show that pattern.

 The squalls behind the front are occurring in much colder air aloft. We need to get some more south into Fedors course.  It still would be best if Fedor could try for a heading of about 115-130T whenever possible. I am using 53S 160E as an aiming point, but Fedor could go all the way to 53S 150E and still make the 160E WP.  If we can’t leave CampbellIsland to port, it is not a big problem, but I still want to work with that in mind.

 A front will move through within the next 12 hours, bringing colder air cold enough to result in snow showers.  The upper-level air will be plenty cold enough to support snow, but the water temperature will help keep the temperature on the boat from falling too far.  Still, snow or sleet may make it to the boat before melting.

NNW 20-25kt gust 30-35.  Squalls.

06/06-12: Backing as front moves through, becoming SSW 25 by 06/12. Snow squalls.

06/18: SSW 20-25; gust 35 possible in snow squalls.

07/00: SW 20-25

07/06: WSW 20

07/12-08/12: Light WSW to SW