Fedor Konyukhov

Report from Fedor

“We are continuing to sail in powerful weather pattern, with wind toping up to 45 knots. Massive swell pushing the boat towards east. Deck light bulb burn down, but I don’t need light in the cockpit - I know every rope by size and texture of the cover. Today switched from AOR-E to Indian Ocean satellite for Sat-C terminal. My Inmarsat mobile number is registered in Indian Ocean. I recon there are another 3 weeks to finish line and even getting close to Albany – I will have to stay below 45 South. It means getting home does not mean getting to warmer waters. I will have to come up sharp from South, just before Albany. I can feel as we are getting close to finish – weather getting harder and colder, but we also toughen up sailing ACRT and the boat is good shape. All day rain or wet snow. I can count all sunny days I had. That is OK – will get plenty of sunshine in Albany. I am in good mood – road home. Regards – Fedor"