Fedor Konyukhov

Open 85 Alye Parusa arrived to Antigua

Today Australian skipper Mark McRae and his international crew of 3 completed leg Falklands to Antigua and. Mark sent a brief report to our web site before he left Antigua for Albany (WA)

“About the voyage up to Antigua.

Mostly as you would have read from my reports it was a very quite trip. The max wind strength we had was 35 knots but for only one day.  Mostly we sailed with first or second reef in but never had to use third reef.  I changed between Solent and stay sail as conditions needed.  Mostly seas were clam with max swell about 2.5-3m.

She performed very well considering I was very determined to arrive in Antigua with the boat in perfect condition. She is a fine yacht.  Fedor said to me before you left the Falklands: "look after her and she will look after you".  A wise man who I respect very much”.

Start of the final leg from Antigua to UK (Falmouth) is scheduled for 03 of June 2009.