Fedor Konyukhov

No time to celebrate

Sat phone session with Fedor Konyukhov:

"Here we are – sailing in the rough Southern Atlantic. After a very nasty farewell from Pacific we had few hours only to catch our breath before we got severe gale welcome from Southern Atlantic. At the moment we have 45 + knots with gusts up to 55. I had a few questions from one of the Russian journalist: How did I celebrate passing Cape Horn? What brand of Champaign I had and did I cook nice meal. That was a spot on questions. I have not slept for more then 40 hours, basically from the moment we entered Drake Passage – the weather conditions were so bad I could not get even a short nap. From DiegoRamirezIsland I was on constant watch, approaching Cape Horn. Although near Cape Horn wind eased off – you do not get a sleep when Cape Horn is on your port side within 10 miles. Right after Cape Horn we ended up in choppy seas and with dry land near by I was afraid to fell a sleep, so had to keep my self awake with coffee. So I missed my Champaign time and dried bananas with mug of coffee was the only meal for last 48 hours. The boat is sailing on autopilot and my body is on autopilot too. How I wish to stretch on white liners and have proper 3-4 hours of sleep! This will be so refreshing. Sailing in these extreme conditions gives you appreciation how people are spoilt by comfort which we do not even appreciate and take it for granted. Here Deep South even basic things like hot shower and 3 hours of interrupt sleep – sounds like a luxury.

We are currently at 55’45S and 63’50W heading N-E to the way point. The task is not easy – come up north until reach a way point 50 South - 50 West to avoid zone packed with icebergs. There will be a lot of gybing, wet and windy hours on deck for the next few days, with FalklandsIslands on my port side – there will be little time to rest. Fedor”

Forecast from Lee Bruce (Tactical Weather Ltd)

“The satellite picture suggests squalls in the area near Fedor but some breaks of sunshine.  However, a heavier bank of clouds is moving in from the WSW. And more very strong wind should arrive after about 13/03Z. Suggest route that stays close to Falklands if possible, to set up for forecast north wind on the 15th. For Fedor to leave 50S 50W to starboard, he will need to limit easting. To accomplish that, he will need to gybe either side of a line toward about 52S 57W (and maybe farther north than that; we will adjust as needed).  So it is not ideal, and we will have to see how Fedor fares over the next two days.  It may be difficult for him to stay out of the yellow caution zone of the Center Lane.
13/00Z: WSW 35kt gust 45-50kt
13/06: WNW 45 gust 60
13/12: WSW 45 gust 60
13/18: SW to SSW 35 gust 45
14/00: SW 30-35