Fedor Konyukhov

Moscow to port

Report from Fedor: «Last night we crossed 37’30 East – Moscow meridian, now I am staying in the same time zone as my relatives and friends in Russian capital. Although when it is still day light in Moscow, here in the Southern Ocean already dark, as we are late in Austral Autumn and days become shorter and nights longer. Another event happened this night – we passed South of Prince Edward and MarionIslands. FirstIslands in the Southern Indian Ocean. I had to dive South to stay with the wind and also avoid shoaling area near these islands. Here at 47’30 South is very freezing cold! Frost is on deck, can’t touch winch handles without gloves. On the Pilot chart this area is marked as “heavy fog region” and this is correct – very thick fog, visibility seriously affected, less then a mile and worse – very wet air. I have water running from sails mast, deck and even cloth. With low temperature I have now - it creates icy conditions and slippery on deck. These Islands are called “Fogy Albion” and I have not plan to see the islands, but still was looking toward direction of this land. I have not seen any dry land from Cape Horn. A lot of birds today – clear sign that land is near by. We have less then 3.500 miles to Albany – this is transatlantic distance which is very well known to me. Next islands are Crozet and then Kerguelen. The Cape Horn - of the Indian Ocean. The weather can be very rough there. I got my worse storm near Kerguelen in 1991 sailing on board Karaana. I was caught in 7 days storm. The wind was gusting up to 70 knots, no clouds, sun and spray across the surface. Unreal image. I still remember those days. Hope this time we pass around in better weather. The boat is in good shape, all systems working fine. Regards, Fedor