Fedor Konyukhov

Letter from CEO of Antarctica Cup to the Chairman of the Russian Senate


Dear Mr Mironov,

Greetings from Albany in Western Australia.

It gives me great pleasure to write to you regarding the achievements of your esteemed fellow citizen Fedor Konukhov.
Fedor representing Russia was the first man to step forward to sail his 86 foot yacht ‘Trading Network Alye Parusa’ solo in the inaugural 2008 Antarctica Cup Ocean Race. The race is a non stop circumnavigation of Antarctica conducted on the Antarctica Cup Racetrack www.antarcticacup.com with boundaries located at Latitude 45° South and 60° requiring competitors to battle some of the most challenging conditions of any sporting event on Earth. The start and finish of the race is in King George Sound, Albany. The distance around the Racetrack averages 14,750 nautical Miles.

Fedor crossed the Start Line on Australia Day 26th January 2008 and crossed the Finish Line on 7th May 2008, 102 days, 01 hours, 35 minutes and 50 seconds later. This achievement has been officially recorded by the World Sailing Speed Record Council.www.sailspeedrecords.com

Fedor is now the first sailor to complete a non-stop circumnavigation of Antarctica below Latitude 45° South. The first sailor to sail across the South Atlantic Ocean from Cape Horn to Cape Agulhas (the southern tip of Africa) below Latitude 45°South.

For the most part of his 16,350 nautical mile epic solo journey Fedor sailed in the ‘Furious Fifties’ latitudes enduring howling gale force winds, giant seas, freezing sleet and snow, sighting icebergs, and enduring the harshest conditions any sailor can face. Fedor’s efforts in fighting off frostbite, improvising repairs to a damaged rudder in high seas, suffering sleep deprivation, and maintaining almost unbroken vigilant watch, ranks Fedor’s achievement equal to that of past historic Antarctic heroes such as Shackleton, Admunsden, Bellinghausen, and others.

Gates along the Antarctica Cup Racetrack are named after famous Antarctic Expedition leaders. Gate 11 is named ‘Bellinghausen Gate’ after Russian Captain Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen who was the first man to sight Antarctica. In recognition of Fedor’s achievements we have named Gate 12 ‘Konyukhov Gate’.

Fedor’s efforts were watched and tracked by many thousands of spectators around the world. Fedor’s regular reports as his journey unfolded kept people enthralled and in deep admiration of his powers of endurance and commitment to achieve his goal. We as race organisers owe Fedor a great deal in establishing the solo record around the Antarctica Cup Racetrack. The record now stands as a challenge for others to better.

Fedor has earned the admiration of sailors around the world. Fedor is a fine ambassador for your country and is much loved by the people of Albany. We all look forward to Fedor, his son and project manager Oscar Konyukhov and families, returning to Albany and competing in the Antarctica Cup Ocean Race again.

Yours Sincerely
Bob Williams
Antarctica Cup Management Pty Ltd
16 October 2008.