Fedor Konyukhov

First 2 weeks at sea

Fedor Konyukhov left Falmouth on 12th of October and by Friday 26th of October passed all major land marks on his route to south: English Channel, Bay of Biscay, CapeFenister, MaderaIslands and Canary Islands. With Cape VerdeIslands left before The Equator – the boat is now getting some speed.

The first 10 days had very little wind with typical forecast from weather router Lee Bruce looked like this:


23 Oct 1340Z

Wind should become E to ENE 4-8kt later today.

24/12Z:  NE 3-6kt, backing to NNW 5-10kt

24 Oct 1330Z

Light wind continues, mostly from the N.  Need to stay with course that stays E of line to 28N 20W, to avoid lighter wind.

25/00Z:  NNW to NNE 5kt

Trade winds are being pushed south, to 20N by the 26th, so more days of light wind ahead.

Preferred heading is 170-200T for now.  May head more SW and W in a few days.

 Today:  NE 5-10kt, sometimes NNE


For our 30 tons maxi-yacht “Trading Network Alye Parusa” 05-08 knots of northerly winds is definitely not enough, the True wind was 5-6 knots for more then a week. Despite light winds – Fedor enjoyed the first part from UK to Canary and now with a bit fresher wind the boat is heading S-W towards the Doldrums. 

The latest forecast suggested:

27 Oct 1315Z

28/12Z:  NE 15-20kt, becoming ENE 15-20kt

29/12Z:  ENE 15-20kt

Fedor is now well into the single-handed sailing routine with a main focus to catch up with his delivery schedule. Light winds put him behind the schedule – now sailing at Trade Winds it is best time to gain some miles.

The shore crew is leaving friendly Falmouth UK, where we kept our yacht during summer refit at Pendennis Shipyard and getting ready to move to Albany, Western Australia soon.