Fedor Konyukhov

Final stretch Fedor across ice gate

Today is the DAY, we are negotiating 10 to 13 East Longitudes, where several confirmed icebergs . I am sailing now with reduced sails as we have very pour visibility. Once we clear Icy Gate I will have more room for maneuvering and plan to sail south towards 47-48 South to stay away from head winds. During last two weeks I was balancing between westerly’s and North, north easterlies. Heads winds with general S-W swell is quite damaging fro the boat and by putting the boat more South I hope to gain more down wind conditions. Obviously, Lee Bruce will have his final word on this tactic.

Local wild life keeps scarring me. Last night I heard some noise and noticed movements in the port side steering cockpit. I grab the torch and found a black gull sitting in the cockpit. Perhaps it hit the main sail or one of the shrouds or was ill. Anyway I left him to rest and in the morning pushed him into the water. Birds often die on board sailing yacht; they fall asleep and never wake up. I had many of these sad stories while sailing. A lot of birds landing on deck in Tropics, where they have migration routes. From Falmouth to Albany I had dozens on birds sitting on deck and rigging. They rest for short period (1 hour) and continue those who stayed longer for day or more – unfortunately die. This is always sad, but scientifically calls “natural selection”.

The ocean around me is lifeless, only one wale a week ago and this bird in the cockpit. Empty, vast surface. I am sure there are plenty of activities deep in the waters but on the surface I can’t see much, although monitoring the horizon on regular basis.    

5 degrees left to Cape Of Good Hope and from there – 100 degrees to Albany. It is great feeling to see how we are “eating” miles to finish. Much better feeling compare when we were sailing towards mid point and increasing the gap.

The repaired rudder is holding OK. In general after 26.000 n/miles in this particular season (Falmouth – Albany and ACRT) the boat is in good shape and major equipment in working order. Regards, Fedor”