Fedor Konyukhov

Fedor passed 6 miles north to the large iceberg

According to this latest data from C-CORE there is an iceberg 340m long x 157m wide located at 45.3199S, 10.670W. Fedor@@apos@@s position report 29/03/08, 2106 UTC placed him at 45, 9.48S, 10, 34.39W.  

This means that Fedor passed 6 miles to the north of the iceberg. As he has not reported sighting any icebergs presumably he passed the iceberg during the night.

We provided Fedor with the position report on another 15 bergs that are ahead and south of his course, but as was mentioned before C-CORE data contain info on icegras that are 150 meters and larger. So there is no guarantee that smaller icebergs and growlers not drifted further north.

1 -45.3 South - 10.6 West, size 339x157 meters
2 -46.7 S 12.7 W  317x92 m
3 -47.45 S 12.78 W   263x183 m
4 -47.03 S 10.57 W   423x166 m
5 -47.98 S  09.95 W    259x202
6 -47.93 S  09.49 W 362x272 m
7 -48.25 S  09.39 W 820x399 m
8 -48.67 S  10.50 W 204x149 m
9 -48.64 S  09.31 195x154 m

10 -49.65 S 13.05 W 207x95.27 m
11 -49.13 S 10.95 W 435x293 m

12 -49.30 S 11.06 W 291x264 m
13 -48.77 S 09.12S 395x298 m

14 -49.30 S 10.73 W 337x203 m
15 -48.94 S 09.02 W 194x131 m

Fedor reported that he is constantly using radar during the night. After short but powerful storm wind droped to 10 knots and waves from south and north created very uncomfortable conditions and Fedor even had to drop main sail down and lush the steering wheel with rope, as autopilots could not keep the boat on steady course due to slow speed of the boat (3-4 knots) and confused seas. Boat’s position at 01:00 GMT (30.03.08) 45,14.93S , 10,8.30W, heading 119, wind 10-15-kt N-N-W FEDOR OK